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InfraDoctor® is a cutting-edge system for supporting infrastructure maintenance utilizing GIS and 3D point cloud data. The system is super efficient, allowing the inspections, maintenance management, road repair and design works to be more precisely targeted.
This is also the core function of iDREAMs® which is an advanced administration system developed by Metropolitan Expressway.

Analysis of road surfaces deformation system utilizing MMS

What is the analysis of road surfaces deformation?

The maintenance work of road surfaces needs to evaluate about flatness, rutting and cracking of the pavement. In the analysis of road surfaces deformation, engineers survey and analyze these 4 items.

Utilizing InfraDoctor®

InfraDoctor® can analyze automatically in almost of all the processes with 3D point cloud data and high resonance images.

Enhance Productivity

Comparing the conventional method and InfraDoctor® about the analysis of road surfaces deformation, InfraDoctor® can decreace the lead time less than 60 percent, and the productivity is enhanced more than 2.7 times. (in case of Metropolitan Expressway)

Visually output on GIS

The survey results are showed on GIS visually by color charts and lists. Maintenance costs are also calculated in the system.

Utilizing at Airports

This system is available for runways of airports to detect roughness and bumps.