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InfraDoctor® is a cutting-edge system for supporting infrastructure maintenance utilizing GIS and 3D point cloud data. The system is super efficient, allowing the inspections, maintenance management, road repair and design works to be more precisely targeted.
This is also the core function of iDREAMs® which is an advanced administration system developed by Metropolitan Expressway.


Broadcasted on NHK Special "Tokyo Reborn"

On 29th Feb, our technologies were introduced in the program "Tokyo Reborn" of NHK. This program will be broadcasted soon on NHK World too.

The Eighth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards

We got the Prime Minister's Prize in this award.
The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award is a program to recognize outstanding individuals from various generations engaged in monodzukuri (manufacturing). Winners can be mid-career individuals playing key roles in manufacturing and production, masters supporting traditional or cultural arts, or young people expected to play leading roles in the future of monodzukuri.
The details are here.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 99th Annual Meeting

Event Date: 12nd to 16th Jan
Venue: the Walter E. Washington Convention Center
We attended and introduced our system.


Hashimori Summit

Event Date: 14th Dec
Venue: Shunan City Yamaguchi prefecture
"Hashimori" is a coined word which means protecting bridges. All aged people can have fun with this. We had a presentation in a part of this event.

Bridge and Tunnel Technology Fair 2019

Event Date: 27th to 29th Nov
Venue: Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture
We attended and introduced our new technology in this exhibition.

Our technology has a lot of opportunities for not only road maintenance work, and also railroads and airport.

New Technology meet up in Shizuoka 2019

On 30th Oct, it was held with a lot of exhibitors. People who have needs for construction site can meet various new technologies in this event. We attended it and introduced our system and utilizing examples.

Attended the exhibition Highway Technology Fair 2019 in Tokyo

On 8th to 9th Oct, Highway Technology Fair 2019 was held in Tokyo. We attended the exhibition and introduced our new technology.

Maintenance & Resilience ASIA

On 2nd - 4th Oct, We exhibited in Maintenance & Resilience ASIA
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Metropolitan Expressway Inspection and Maintenance Demonstoration

On 24th May, the event named Inspection and Maintenance Demonstration was held. This event is held once every year by Metropolitan Expressway Company Group. People can see the "Technology for the safety" of Metropolitan Expressway.

InfraDoctor for Airport ; In April 2019, test trials has begun at Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport

InfraDoctor for Airports is jointly developed by four companies; Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd., Shutoko Engineering Co., Ltd., Tokyu Corporation and Global Infrastructure Management Co., Ltd. We develop the effective management system in an airport utilizing InfraDoctor developed by Shutoko Group.
Using InfraDoctor the survey of pavement conditions and other general management works are greatly reduced. At present, road surface images (using line sensor cameras) and 3D point cloud data of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport has been generated.
Our aims are to further develop new technologies as well as reducing inspection time.


The 8K video technology for the road infrastructure inspection works has begun!!

In 2018 three engineering companies; Shutoko Engineering Co.Ltd; Aeor Asahi Corp and AstroDesign Inc began to develop the InfraDoctor technology for the inspection of road infrastructure using 8K technology, which was the first in the world.
It was also the time that 8K video technology began to broadcast in Japan.

Technical development and demonstration

On the 25th Nov 2018, a trial was conducted to detect cracks on the concrete walls in the tunnel of the Metropolitan Express using the 8K video system, developed by AstroDesign. The system was mounted on the MMS which was designed by Aeor Asahi Corp. The result of the trial confirmed the system is able to detect cracks which are 0.15mm wide.

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Attended the exhibition Highway Technology Fair 2018 in Tokyo

On 28th to 29th Nov 2018
Highway Technology Fair 2018 was held in Tokyo. We attended the exhibition and introduced our new technology.

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Published in The Daily Engineering & Construction News

On 27th Nov 2018
InfraDoctor was published in The Daily Engineering & Construction News

Published on The Kensetsutsushin News

On 26th Nov 2018
The Kensetsutsushin News introduced our new technology to detect pavement roughness

InfraDoctor was demonstrated to the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam

On 19th Nov 2018
InfraDoctor was demonstrated to the Ministry of Transprot of Vietnam during their official visit to Japan.

Attended the council of PIARC in Yokohama

On 25th Oct 2018
InfraDoctor was introduced to the council of PIARC in Yokohama. We showed our technology to mainten infrastructure utilizing 3D point cloud data.

Attended the exhibition

On 25th Oct 2018
The exhibition was held in Shizuoka prefecture organized Shizuoka city. Its aim is to further develop the ICT technology. The exhibition was well attended by many companies in the industry. Our presence included show booth and seminars.

InfraDoctor for Railway is getting started to develop!!

On 19th Sep 2018
An exciting news was released about developing a system for the railways. InfraDoctor® for Railway is developed through collaborative reserch by four companies: Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited, Shutoko Engineering Company Limited, TOKYU CORPORATION and IZUKYU CORPORATION.
InfraDoctor® for Railway will be the new technology for railway maintenance.

Received top prize!

On 31th Jul 2018
We received the top prize of the 20th National Land Engineering Award held by Japan institute of Country-ology and Engineering and Coastal Dvelopment Institute of Technology.

Our technology is highly evaluated about the cutting edge, versatility and effectivity of development.

1st Annual Infrastructure Maintenance Awards(*3)
(*3)Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications's Award

InfraDoctor® received the 1st annual Infrastructure Maintenance Awards, which was founded to honor the outstanding efforts to maintain social infrastructure.The concept of InfraDoctor®, development of a support system for road and structuremaintenance using GIS and 3D point cloud data, was regarded to be a new innovation that canimprove the efficiency, high-precision and cost reduction of infrastructure maintenance work.